JITA Pork Rinds

"They sure are delicious!"

About JITA Snacks LLC.

JITA Snacks LLC. was created in 2002 while Alice Glover a retired community social worker and her oldest son Jason Glover popped pork rinds at the Louisville Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky. The pork rinds were so well received by customers she decided to establish a home based USDA meat processing plant to produce assorted flavored pork rinds for wholesale and retail. 

JITA Snacks LLC. is a family owned business, the name was created from initials of Glover's first four born grandchildren's names, (Jaydah, Isaiah,Timothy and Alicia). JITA Snacks is currently the only meat processing plant in Kentucky to produce pork rinds. 

JITA takes great pride in producing one of the finest gourmet pork rinds in the Kentucky Region. The secret to the quality of our pork rinds lies in our unique cooking, seasoning and aging process. 

JITA Snacks number one goal is to satisfy the customer. 

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